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Scalextric Racing Evening - Page 37(The clubs thirtyseventh meeting since chartered)

This is the 41st proper meeting since we decided to create the club so "happy birthday" to us as we are now a proper 41 club in more ways than one!

Organised by Neil (with help from Bob)


Dear All

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How big was yours
Wow that is a big one!
Two big ones!
The controllers
Me first.
The car may be fast, but not as fast as Russell's head!
That is more like it, a faster shutter speed is what was needed.
They don't build them like this anymore.
Come on the winner
Out ahead.
Spin off
Warp power now
No punching, gouging, or kicking.........while anybody is looking.
Look at them go
And it is neck and neck
How fast is that Get back on the track Brum brum
You can't park there mate. Burn some rubber Knock him off
Close the blast doors Anyone got a sat nav, I have lost my way It is the hand of God
Get back on there Wizzy bends - oh er I feel sick I wish my car went this fast
Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, smell no evil! Is this a cemetery? Come on yellow - I know it is red but look at the roof!
The race is getting heated A childs eye view Move that camera or I will get you in the lens
Are these the past drivers? I'll put him back on What is this - lights!
Might be top heavy but look at him go. On your marks.... Get ready...
Wait for it... Go go go go.... and therrrrre off.........well three of them anyway!
Hey buddy your lights are on. It must be a Volvo....shall we flash him and annoy him? Is it wet on the track?
The good the bad the ugly and I'm not saying which is which At this point it could be anyone's race Reminds me of the M25
White is really going for it. We need a faster camera to see these youth's cars OMG that is fast
Now how did this lane hog get there? Driven around the bend Touch my hand, feel the warmth of my sincerity
Some are quicker to start than others Where is the Stig when you need him? Great action shot
A race indeed We will show you all how it is done, THE FINALISTS What slick precision
Pleasant evening for a Monday drive How do you steer these things I'll catch him
screeeeeeech Weeeeeeeeee Floor it is on your tail
A well deserved win, no cheating, just talent and a cool head. What a great evening, fun was had by all Evidence of great driving - what the, this is actually a speeding ticket!
Runner up... Yes I am not bitter at all... although had I a better car I would have won. Bronze place to a true sportsman - well done May the fourth be with you.
Special mention, a certificate for the plucky man of the evening, what a star. We are all winners







I just wanted to say a big thank you to Neil Bates and Bob Whiston for last nights Slot Car Racing !!

Excellent fun and congratulations to Mr Daniels for his eventual Trophy position !!

Many thanks

Tim Prior


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