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NOVEMBER 2021: Thanks all for a good meeting tonight and things look positive for the future of ABC J

I did mention tonight that Options for Life who run my daughter’s day centre, which we have supported with a couple of quiz nights in the past, have just set up a crowdfunding page. They are looking to get support for a music project for people with learning disabilities and/or autism. The page is here:

They have a big target but it will be a great help for disabled people in the area [not just children like many other charities].

If you can help with a donation or can pass this on to others, that would be great.

As we also agreed, I will try to arrange a quiz night for our April meeting – subject to covid allowing us to use the centre.

Best wishes, Neil



Twelve attended our Laser Quest Game on Monday 16th April 2018, which meant I actually had a little bit of cash over rather than making the loss I expected. This I have sent to the "Princes Trust" as part of the campaign promoted by our wonderful immediate past 41 Club association National President David Campbell.

ACORN LODGE October 2016

Thank you to all for attending the Transport Museum in September 2015, £190 being donated to the museum charity. (Please leave a review on tripadvisor) - Bob Whiston


I cant believe I did it, but I did!!!!!

I can't thank you enough for your support.

Love Margie.x

Margie Ferris running 10K race for life 2014
Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness in sponsoring me to run the 10K Race For Life. I have never done anything "sporty" before, so this is a personal challenge for me. Some days it is a bit of a struggle to cover the whole distance, but the thought of people like you pledging your hard earned cash and the need to "give something back" for care I received, keeps me going. Anyway, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be fit and well enough to run the whole distance on the big day. I have warned John (Ferris) that if anything happens before July the 6th 2014, he will have to put me in a wheelbarrow and PUSH me over the finish line as I intend to complete the course, come hell or high water, but I do hope it wont come to that!

Thank you again for your much appreciated support



Gentlemen your support is invited:

Dear friends, business partners and associates

The Midcounties Co-operative is in its second year of charity partnership with The Teenage Cancer Trust, the UK’s only charity dedicated to improving the lives and chances of survival of cancer patients aged 13 to 24. Our aim is to raise £500,000 by February 2015, so far the amount raised stands at £380,000.

The work of the Teenage Cancer Trust has been highlighted in recent weeks by the media coverage of Stephen Sutton. I am sure that we were all moved by the courage shown by Stephen in his fight against cancer. It is amazing how he motivated people to donate money to the Teenage Cancer Trust and so far he has raised over £4 million. Quite a legacy.

I have to say I have been inspired by him as well and therefore I am asking people to sponsor me on my Coast to Coast walk. This is a 13 day, 194 mile trek which I am sure will challenge my fitness and I suspect my feet. The walk starts on the 13th of June.
I realise that we all get lots of requests for sponsorship but if you were able to donate even a few pounds it will make a difference to people like Stephen in the future, and who knows , one day, there might not even be a need for a Teenage Cancer Trust because we have beaten the disease. You can be assured that every penny you donate has been ring fenced to go directly to providing nursing care for young people and will not be taken up in administrative costs.

Please give what you can via my just giving site and I will do my best to complete the challenge and maximise donations.

Kind regards

Ben Reid OBE
Chief Executive
The Midcounties Co-operative



Organised by John Ferris Click Here to book in Monday 15th April 2013 at 8pm. A visit to Tiger Helicopters at Shobon Aerodrome in Herefordshire HR6 9NR During this £100 was raised toward the Air Ambulance charity appeal.


The Prince Charming Ball 2012 in memory of Sean Smith was a great success. 165 people went, and £4000 was raised for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Appeal.


Several hundred pound were raised for Acorn Lodge at our Quiz Night organised by Neil Rabone in January 2012 - well done Neil, a great evening enjoyed by all and helping others at the same time - great work sir.


So far £120 was raised and will be passed to Jo to donate to a Cancer Charity in Sean's Name on the 7s night July 2011

Andy W


On our visit to Enville Brewery November 14th 2010, we raised £200 with half going to Mary Stevens Hospice and half to Help for Heroes charities.


At our club AGM on Monday 21st September 2009 it was proposed by our outgoing treasurer Neil Bates and seconded by incoming treasurer Sean Smith that all the remaining money (£67) of our membership club account would be given to this years National President's nominated charity "help to heroes".  The motion was voted upon and carried unanimously by the full room of members (plus 5 other people present who were nothing to do with our club - strange!)

End of year total raised.

See HERE for more information







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