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Dear All

First let me personally wish you one and all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for the support given over the past eight months.

2013 is just around the corner and with it will come capitation. Capitation (on 1 January 2013) is based on your CAS records, so can I please ask you to update your records as soon as possible and certainly by the end of December 2012.

As an extention to this, as you know we have been seeking to identify who is a member of each club and list their e-mail address so we can send out the Newsletter (and on accassion the magazine) and other important information to each member. If we could achieve this we would reduce postage costs to the Association.

With e-mail addresses comes Data Protection (another one of my roles). I attach a letter concerning the use of e-mails by the Association (not sharing them with other external organisations) and your agreement to our continued use for 41 Club business only. Please read and ensure that your members are happy with our adminstration of e-mails.

Thanks again for all your help - please pass on my best seasonal wishes to all your members and fellow 41 ers.


Yours in Continued Friendship
Manny Martins

7th July 2011: Welcome to our latest member Mark



This web site is for ABC club members, however it could be accessed by anyone, i.e.: it is in the public domain.

The web-site will 'not contain any personal information', no e-mails, no telephone numbers, no addresses (unless you 'expressly' ask for any your details to be published or your details are password protected) .

I have spoken to a substantial number of members, all of whom are fine with their name and / or photograph appearing on the ABC web-site.

" Please e-mail or telephone Jon Lees on 01384 390000 or Bob Whiston now or in the future, if you do not want your name and your photographic image appearing on the new ABC web-site or if you want any of your information / photographs removed."

Your ABC webmaster is Jon Lees, contact details are on the ABC web-site or via the ABC club Secretary.


Bob Whiston

Bob Whiston - ABC 41 Club Membership Officer 2008/9





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