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Please join National President Peter Good and other 41 Club members to listen to one of a series of Speaker Nights. Time: Friday May 29, 2020 07:00 PM
Topic: Sally Kettle Speaker Night - No Hope On a Boat, Resilience & the Power of Pragmatism During Uncertain Times
Download Zoom and click on the Link to join us.


Inspirational speaker, adventurer, event host, television presenter, and author of 'Sally's Odd at Sea', Sally is the first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West, and once with her mother!

Honest and funny, she shares tales of shark attacks, hurricanes and broken body parts - but more importantly, they are stories of resilience, facing fears and adapting to change.

"Having spent four months in a small wooden rowing boat with her mother, Sally knows a thing or two about surviving in uncharted waters. Find out how their "No Hope on the Boat” mantra enabled them to thrive despite their isolation in difficult, and often dangerous circumstances."

Yours in Continued Friendship
Jim Conway - National Councillor Region 14 West Midlands



April 2020 National Editorial

With the AGM and Conference having been cancelled and face to face club meetings, now not taking place, a lot of clubs have taken to online meetings. I am therefore pleased to announce that Round Table has made Google Meets available to 41 Club, so if you want to do an online meeting, please get in touch and I will guide you through the process… On the day the AGM was supposed to be held in Cardiff, we met online as a National Council and as long as everyone doesn’t speak at the same time, it works really well. The Chairman has a mute button, which I am sure you would agree would come in handy for some members! We are planning a Nationally driven programme with Quizzes, speakers and a Happy Hour with the President where he will come into your homes for a Q&A by the magic of Wifi… If you are interested in this, then let me know and I can arrange it for you. I have a quiz which can be shared by way of Google Meet and again, if anybody wants to take part in a quiz, we can arrange a date and time and I can run it. Let us see who the brainbox in the Region is!

As I am sure that you will appreciate, we are facing difficult times and it was decided that for the National Board for 2020-21, unopposed candidates should take up their position with immediate effect. Therefore, Peter Good is now President of 41 Club, with Andrew Mackereth taking up the Immediate Past President position. Kevin Lovett has taken over as Treasurer from David Leach and Bernard Elwen has taken over as Secretary from Sean McCormick. That leaves the contested positions of Vice President and National Council Liaison Officer. In the interim, Tom Atkins has been asked to continue as NCLO until the election and there will be no Vice President until the election. Council agreed that the preferred option would be to hold an online ballot. This facility, we hope, will be incorporated into the work nearly completed on CAS2. Assuming it is feasible, then a proposal will be put to the next National Council Meeting on Saturday 27th June. Timescales will be put to the meeting and agreed on. The second option, if an online election is not feasible, is to convene an SGM which is likely to be in October to coincide with the rearranged 75th Anniversary celebrations in Nottingham. The President will hold his position until 2022, with the Vice President having an 18-month tenure, opposed to 6 months to prepare for their year as President. Obviously, I will update you as and when I know the outcome. Obviously, with an online election, this will allow those that were not planning on attending Cardiff to have a say as to who they would like for their Vice President and National Council Liaison Officer. You can watch the videos, read the 300 words and have an opportunity to vote. I will send you links as soon as they become available.

Deputy Regional Councillor

I am still on the lookout for a Deputy Regional Councillor. If anyone is interested, please get in touch and I will be happy to talk you through the expectations and time demands.

41 Club Gin

41 Club has teamed up with Burleighs and produced its own branded gin. If you want to obtain your own bottle, it can be ordered online using this link, https://45ginschool.com/shop/

Future Events

If you are holding an online meeting and you want me to dial in, please invite me.

I have always been optimistic, so I am going to direct you to the link for the 75th Anniversary events in October. www.41club75.org Let us hope that the situation has improved, and we can all enjoy face to face Continued Fellowship as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please stay safe and well.

Yours in Continued Friendship

Jim Conway
National Councillor
Region 14 – West Midlands

ABC upcoming meetings rota

Complying with the UK Prime Ministers directive 5pm Monday 16th March 2020 we will NOT arrange to meet together until our Government says this is an acceptable activity.

Hope you all are keeping well for the coming months. If anyone needs help please do contact club members by telephone or email.


Martin Osbourne (Chairman 2019-2020)


Suspended For Now April 2020 Stuart Drake a talk on living with a Guide Dog. It would be at a local pub which I will look into.

Claire is partially sighted and she is a major organiser for local Guide dogs on Wolverhampton area

Regards Stuart


Suspended For Now May 2020 Ian PoveyI have booked May ABC meeting. It will be a tour of the Amazon fulfilment centre in Rugeley. It will be 18th May at 7:30pm followed by a pint at a local pub. Max attendance 35 need to confirm numbers closer to the time.

I will put a more formal email round closer to the time but you can add this to the website if you like.

Thank you

Ian Povey

Suspended For Now June 2020 Tony Smith

Suspended For Now July / August 2020 no formal meeting (volunteers always welcome to organise an informal night)

Suspended For Now September 2020 Martin Osbourne (includes our AGM)

October 2020 Mike Lang

November 2020 Russell Cleland

December 2020 Barry Povey

note to organisers, we are always open to joint meetings with other 41 clubs.

Gentlemen, if you have a problem with your meeting date, please let me know asap and I will get it re-organised.

2020 TBA

Facebook please search for @AbcExRoundtable if anyone wants to manage this page please contact webmaster Jon :-)


Please try and give event organisers as much notice you can that you are or will not be attending - it really helps.  Thank you.

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