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Past Events and Archive Records

It is hoped that members will try to arrange a varied program and avoid copying what others have arranged before as below or are planning already.

Please note that initials are used to protect personal data, apart from the committee members where full names are used. Editor assumes that members of the executive do not mind their name being displayed in the public domain on the internet, unless you inform our clubs webmaster here.


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Please do not copy or reproduce these pictures without permission from the ABC 41 club Chairman.

October20th 2008 10 Pin Bowling organised
by Andy Hood (Founder Chairman)

October20th 2008 Organised by Andy Hood (Chairman) (10 Pin Bowling)

November17th 2008 organised by
Bob Whiston - Factory Visit

November17th 2008 Bob Whiston(Membership) (Factory Visit to Whiston Industries Ltd )

December15th 2008 organised by
Andy Worrall - Karting
Click Here to see pictures of ABC 41 Club Karting Evening organised by Honorary Secretary Mr Andy Worrall

January19th 2009 organised by
Paul Myatt - Skittles in Walsall
Click Here to see more pictures of the ABC 41 Club Skittles Evening in January 2009.  Meeting organised by P.M.

16th February 2009 organised by Andy Hood
- Laser Quest and Charter Night

New member Jonathan Lees at Laser Quest enjoying the fellowship of the Charter Meeting of abc41club on 16th February 2009

17th March 2009 organised by
Trevor Whittall - Scuba Diving
Click Here to see pictures of our Scuba Diving Evening 17th March 2009

20th April 2009 organised by
Neil Rabone - Fun Quiz and Curry

Monday 18th May 2009 organised
by Nick Hingley - Horse Racing

Monday 15th June 2009 organised by
Neil Bates - Brewery Tour

Monday 20th July 2009 organised by
Harrison Riley - Golf Evening

Monday 17th August 2009
organised by Steve Harvey - Dogging
My goodness ABC41CLUB has gone to the Dogs!!!

Monday 21st September 2009 organised
by Tim Prior - Story Tales
After the tall tales, our exciting changeover of custodians

Monday 19th October 2009 organised by
Steve Bullock - Drakelow Tunnels

Click here to see us at Kinver

Monday 9th November 2009 organised
by Nigel Mills - Shooting Up

Click Here to See the Shooting Evening

Tuesday 26th January 2010

organised by Andrew Evans

we visited BBC Mailbox in Birmingham
Click here to see January 2010 we went on the BBC

Monday 15th February 2010 organised by
Paul Jay we played traditional pub games

Clich here to see what we got up to Febraury 2010

Monday 15th March 2010 organised by Geoff
Gray we visited the Stuart Crystal Glass Cone

Monday 19th April 2010 organised by
Simon Daniels we assailed a Rock Climb

Everest causes no fear to these ABC 41-Club adventurers

Monday 18th May 2010 organised by John
Ferris we had an evening 'Down at the Farm'
Did somebody have a curry last night, or is it your new aftershave?

Sunday 20th June 2010 a Social Luncheon
organised by Geof Gray and Sean Smith

Hot soup anyone?

Wednesday 7th July 2010

invited by John Ferris

we took part in a

Farm Machinary Challenge
I see no sheep

Monday 20th July 2010

organised by Richard Cooper

- abc bowmen loose in the woods
Our best backwoodsmen aces

Monday 16th August 2010 organised by
Tony Smith - Clay Pigeon Shooting

ABC Shooting Trophy.  Click here to see who won, and for pictures of the evening.

Mon 20th Sep 2010 organiser Bob Whiston
Ten Pin Bowling & Annual General Meeting

AGM + Ten Pin Bowling Evenin.  Click here to see the evening.

Monday 18th October 2010 organised by
Paul Daniels - Snooker Evening

Walsall v ABC Past Table Challenge

Monday 15th November 2010 organised
by Jonathan Lees - Brewery Tour

A fabulous tour of Enville Brewery by ABC 41 Club, Cheers  (hic)

Tuesday 14th December 2010
organised by Ben Reid - Wine Tasting
An excellent selection of wines and a great buffet too, with a real expert informing us of co-op's fair trade wonderful wines.

Monday 17th January 2011 organised by
Steve Salt - Battlestorm Laser Conflict

Ooops - There were no pictures taken on the night of this event, so here is a photo of Jonathan Lees's daughter and friends on their game, and I have tried to fudge together some other representative pictures to give a flavour of the evening on this page anyway.

Monday 21st February 2011 organised by
Gerry Green - Indoor Cricket
It's Cricket - but not as we know it!

18th October 2011 organised by Bob Whiston
-Guided Tour of Stourbridge Rugby F.C.

You wont be getting past us.

7th July 2012 organised by Geoff Gray 7 Pints
in 7 Pubs in memory of Dudley 77 Nights

Guess who organised a pub crawl?

Stumped Again 17th November 2014
organised by Andy Hood

Glass Museum 16th March 2015
organised by Geoff Gray

Shrewsbury Gaol 21st November 2016
organised by Andy Hood

Curry 12th Dec 2016
organised by Tim Scott

August 2018
organised by Stuart Drake

Sept 2018 AGM
organised by Matt Upcott

14th October 2018 Meal with wife/partners
organised by MU/AW/JL/IP? at either
Stone Manor, Granary, Chatau Impney, Michaelangelos,
Blakelands, Mercur, Victoria Passage

November 2018
organised by Craig Dollery and Paul Jay
December 2018 Bombay Pickles/Duke William
organsied by Barry Povey

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Below, are our clubs initial ideas, taken from the first concept meeting, held in Sept 2008.
We all believe, you will really enjoy supporting your new active club.
Looking forward to your own ABC rota meeting, date to follow.

Yours in ABC,

Bob Whiston

· To form a new regional 41 club to be called 'Active Black Country' or the acronym 'ABC' club
· To elect a full complement of club officers, with Andy Hood as Chairman, all positions were filled with succession secured.
· To complete the 41 club application form and Charter the club.
· To pay first year subs, which all have paid, £8.50 each
· To agree a meeting date of the 3rd Monday in each month
· To agree a meeting organiser rota; this is now covered up to 2011
· New members joining will be put on the meeting rota.
· The AGM to be a short part of a regular meeting only.
· No formal club regalia

· To enjoy an 'active club', with food if required being a minor part of the evening
· To encourage fellowship between younger ex-tablers or young at hart ex-tablers within a wide region.
· The ABC club should be additional or supplementary to any currently attended 41 clubs and not to be considered a rival.

· To be extended to like minded ex-tablers
· To date the average age is 50 ish
· Ex-tablers joining prior to affiliation, will be known as founder members, (There are 30 founder members).
· The active membership is now 35 (correct as at Sept 2010)
· So far ex-table members are all from Area 5, Hagley, Walsall, Bridgenorth, West Brom, Halesowen, Bewdley, Tenbury Wells, Dudley, Bilston, Shrewsbury, Smethwick and Oldbury.



Executive 2008/9

Founder Honorary Chairman - Mr. Andy Hood

Founder Honorary Vice-Chairman/Chairman Elect. - Mr. Andrew Evans

Founder Honorary Secretary - Mr. Andy Worrall

Founder Honorary Treasurer - Mr. Neil Bates

Founder Honorary Membership Officer - Mr. Bob Whiston

Non-Executive 2008/9

Founder Honorary Official Photographer - Mr. Mike Lang

Founder Honorary Webmaster - Mr. Jon Lees


We have had our first years changeover of staff.

At the AGM Andy Hood took the floor for 7 minutes 20 seconds, followed by Andrew Evans for 13 minutes 5 seconds.

From Monday 21st September 2009

ABC 41 Club Executive Council 2009/10

Chairman.............Andrew Evans

Secretary...............Andy Worrall

Membership.............Andy Hood

Treasurer...................Sean Smith

International Officer....Neil Bates

Vice Chairman.......Bob Whiston

Non-Executive Officers 2009/2010

Official Photographer...Mike Lang

Webmaster....................Jon Lees


Officers for 2010/2011

Chairman - Bob Whiston
Vice Chairman - Tim Prior
Secretary - Andy Worral
Membership - Andrew Evans
Webmaster - Jon Lees
Treasurer - Paul Jay
International Officer - Neil Bates
Official Photographer - Mike Lang


Officers for 2011/2012

Chairman - Tim Prior
Vice Chairman - Jon Lees
Secretary - Andy Worral
Membership - Harrison Riley
Webmaster - Jon Lees
Treasurer - Paul Jay
International/Fellowship Officer - Bob Whiston
Official Photographer - Mike Lang



Officers for 2012/2013

Chairman - Jonathan Lees
Vice Chairman - Harrison Riley
Secretary - Tim Prior
Membership/Fellowship Officer - Bob Whiston
Webmaster - Jon Lees
Treasurer - Paul Jay
Official Photographer - Mike Lang



Officers for 2013/14

Hon. Chairman - Harrison Riley
Vice-Chairman - Andy Worrall
Hon. Secretary - Tim Prior
Membership/Fellowship Officer -Bob Whiston
Hon. Webmaster - Jon Lees
Hon. Treasurer - Paul Jay
Official Photographer - Mike Lang


Officers for 2014/2015

Chairman = Andy Worrall    

Secretary = Tim Prior          

Vice Chair = Richard Cooper

Treasurer = Paul Jay            

Membership = Bob Whiston

Photographer = Mike Lang

Webmaster = Jonathan Lees


Officers for 2015/2016

Chairman = Richard Cooper 

Secretary = Tim Prior          

Vice Chair = Mike Lang

Treasurer = Paul Jay            

Membership = Bob Whiston

Photographer = Mike Lang

Webmaster = Jonathan Lees


Officers for 2016/2017

Chairman =  Mike Lang 

Secretary = Tim Prior          

Vice Chair = Matt Upcott

Treasurer = Paul Jay            

Membership = Bob Whiston

Webmaster = Jonathan Lees


Officers for 2017/2018

Charman = Matt Upcott

Vice Chair = Tony Smith

Secretary = Tim Prior

Treasurer = Paul Jay

Membership = Bob Whiston

Webmaster = Jonathan Lees

Photographer = Mike Lang


Officers for year 2017 - 2018:

Chairman - Matt Upcott was formally elected at the AGM

Vice Chairman – Tony Smith kindly agreed to take on this difficult and onerous office and was approved at the AGM.

Secretary – Tim Prior has kindly agreed to continue this position and was approved at the AGM.

Membership – Bob Whiston has kindly agreed to continue this position and was approved at the AGM.

Web Master – Jon Lees has kindly agreed to continue this position and was approved at the AGM.

Treasurer – Paul Jay has kindly agreed to continue this position and was approved at the AGM.

Official Photographer - Mike Lang has kindly agreed to continue this position and was approved at the AGM.

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What is 41 Club?

41 Club is the pet name for The Association of Ex-Round Tablers' Clubs. Prior to April 2008 it had been called The Association of Ex-Tablers' Clubs for many a year, the "Round" being deliberately left out to dispel any misconceptions that it was a sort of senior Round Table.  Now, with the passage of time and this name change, its place in the "Round Table Family" is perhaps more recognisable to those outside.

In March 1927 a young Rotarian by the name of Louis Marchesi became aware of the lack of opportunities for the young businessmen of the day to meet and prepare themselves for their responsibilities as senior businessmen of later years. Being a member of Norwich Rotary Club he found himself surrounded by older men, so he started a club for young men in the age range of 28 to 40 to give them the right environment to develop their professional and civic skills whilst assisting the local community, the nation and later the world as whole.

Round Table was formed after being inspired by a speech by the then Prince of Wales who said - "The young business and professional men of this country must get together round the table, adopt methods that have proved so sound in the past, adapt them to the changing needs of the times and wherever possible, improve them". Round Table not only immediately took its name from this speech but also the other key words "Adopt, Adapt, Improve" as its motto. www.roundtable.org.uk

Originally, membership of Round Table was limited to men in the age range of 18 - 40 years, so that following his 40th birthday, a member of Round Table would have to retire. He was then eligible to join The Association. In 1998 Round Table raised the age limit to 45 and so it is now possible for a member of Round Table to also be a member of 41 Club.

Three years after the formation of Round Table, an equivalent women's club was formed called Ladies Circle (known colloquially as Circle) Since 1993, Circle has an open membership and accepts not only partners of Round Tablers and Ex-Round Tablers but any women in the age range of 18 to 45. www.ladies-circle.org.uk

Tangent is the equivalent to 41 Club for a past member of Ladies Circle, or the wife or female partner of a current or past member of Round Table. Their first club met in 1953. www.tangent-clubs.org


By 2008, there was almost 20,000 declared members of 41 Club and it continues to assist Round Table in many of its activities and also Circle and Tangent, the other two members of the Round Table Family.

Click here to visit 41 club national website THE ACTIVE BLACK COUNTRY 41 (EX-ROUND TABLE) CLUB


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