- Page 128(Our clubs One Hundred and Twenty Eighth meeting since chartered)

Monday 21st February 2022 Lee Humphries arranged a cultural visit to some of the historic pubs close to the centre of Sedgley.

7.30pm at The Beacon Hotel, 129 Bilston Street Sedgley DY3 1JE which this year is celebrating 170 years of brewing on the premises.

Moved on to The Bulls Head, 27 High Street DY3 1JA, which is a Holdens pub housed in a listed building (end terrace).

Finally for those who had the energy The Mount Pleasant, 144 High Street DY3 1RH known locally as The Stump, with its mock Tudor facade and selection of well kept ales. I will share some of the local history and infamy surrounding these premises but try not to bore you.

Ample parking was next to all stops for those who didn't fancy walking.’

Great night Last night at The Beacon and The Bulls Head in Sedgley. Well done Lee and a good turnout. Regards: Stuart Drake


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