- Page 132(Our clubs One Hundred and Thirty Second meeting since chartered)

Organised by: Craig Dollery: A private talk, tour of the Old Birmingham Lockup In Steelhouse Lane

20th JUNE 2022 look around and a 1 hour talk about the history.

We spend another 45 min or so looking around and moved onto another local pub. (Should have had a beer at home instead). Guests came too.

Hi All, Yes thank you Craig for organising a great evening 20th June 2022 at the Police Lockup in B'ham. Just a heads-up for those who might have taken their car:

If you drove into Birmingham Monday night depending upon your vehicle age and type you may be required to pay for a Clean Air Zone Charge! You can check if you have to pay by visiting: A patient told me this morning that his son did not do this for his car a month ago and received a summons for £80 last week! YIABC Jon




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