Page 121(Our clubs One Hundred and Twenty First meeting since chartered)

8pm 17th February 2020 organised by Geof Gray

Hi All,

In-spite of Bob and Martins' preference for a night playing Bingo(!), the next meeting of ABC 41 will be night at the Starting Gate Micro Pub in Penn Fields, Wolverhampton.

Just to let you know, I went on a recce to the Starting Gate tonight. I tried the Citra, 3 Tuns and Town Crier. They were all excellent! The Pale Rider and Ruby are a bit strong for me-before tea.

The pub might have changes the beers between now and Monday so I have attached a photo of the upcoming beers. Dunno who the weirdo with missing teeth is, but he probably wont be there Monday. it all adds character though!

Finally for Bob and Martin's sake they have a games cupboard. So if you must play something (not just drink) they have dominoes, cards and (God help us) Scrabble.

See you Monday,

The Starting Gate was formerly Penn Fields HSBC-it was very handy when I had a cheque to pay in-but closed down a few years ago and reopened as a pub. Apart from ripping out the counter and replacing with a bar, and taking down a partition, it hasn't changed much. The safe, the security doors, and the bars at the widows are still there. If you know some horse racing history you will recognise pictures on the walls of Wayward Lad and Burrough Hill Lad etc. Why that decor who knows-but they do serve very nice beer! There is no dartboard or pool table (not enough room) and I have never seen anyone playing dominoes or cards-but bring your own if you must. Otherwise just have a good drink!

So 17th February at 8pm (not 24th as originally stated)

Starting Gate Pub
134 Birches Barn Road
Penn Fields

No need to book, just turn up see you there.



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