Andy Worrall organising - January meeting Monday 20th January at 7.30 pm

We had the Locksmiths House in Willenhall for an exclusive group visit.

54 New Road, Willenhall WV13 2DA

The LSH is part of the Black Country Museum and is usually only opened to groups by appointment and usually only by day.


The Locksmith's House celebrates the efforts of the small family run lock making businesses which thrived over a century ago. Working from the back yards of their own houses, hundreds of small family businesses evolved.

A visit to the Locksmith's House will demonstrate how such a business operated alongside family life.

The house is recreated with the actual belongings and furniture of the Hodson family of lock makers, the last inhabitants of 54 New Road, Willenhall. The working class family home is accompanied in the back yard by a two-storey workshop building. A working forge and machinery adds to the atmosphere. Our lock display gallery offers an insight into some extraordinary locks from across the ages.

Our costumed guides will be happy to escort you around the property, and hands-on activities such as making a rag rug or toasting on the kitchen range can be arranged for your group.

At the moment the Locksmith’s House is only open to the public on open days, for special events and for pre-arranged group visits.

We will have the Museum and guide for our exclusive use for at least a couple of hours, when we can regroup in a local hostelry. (Location to be confirmed)

You will be able to see how this former family lock business made their locks at the turn of and up to the middle of the last century and have a real insight into this very local trade.
We can take up to 30 people, first come first served. Cost will be a maximum of £10 each.

Please let me know if you are coming or not, thank you.

Best Regards

Andy Worrall

- Page 120(Our clubs One Hundred and Twentieth meeting since chartered)





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