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21st Oct 2019 Neil Rabone - Acorn Quiz (see last time that we did one).

Venue: Making Tracks, Acorn Lodge, 137-149 Vicarage Road, Rood End, Oldbury, B68 8JA

We ran it as a night for our 41 Club [ex Round Table members] and guests/family and participants and staff too. From 7:00 pm to get some food and drink from the local establishments and then start the quiz [which I put together] at 8:00 through to around 10:00 with a raffle. At £10.00 per person which would include the entrance to the quiz and a strip of raffle tickets [save having to have separate collections]. There was teams of 4 with a prize for the winners and a booby prize for the team coming last. With various rounds including sport, music and general knowledge.

To maximise the amount we can raise for Making Tracks, I opened the night to friends and family.

The advance question was. Who is the woman who has had three top ten singles written about her?

Cheers, Neil

Venue: Making Tracks, Acorn Lodge, 137-149 Vicarage Road, Rood End, Oldbury, B68 8JA

Making Tracks is a small day service for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

They are a charity group who, as Smethwick & Oldbury Round Table, we were able to support in the past.

More details can be found on their website at:


Hi Guys

Just a word of thanks to everybody who came along tonight and helped raise a magnificent £340.00

I hope you all enjoyed the evening – even if I messed up the welterweight question J

Best wishes, Neil


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