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15th April 2019 7:30pm Factory visit


Factory Visit with Complimentary Fish and Chips

Whiston Industries Ltd. Technical offices and shop floor tour. See parts off pre-release - new vehicles

Time 7:15pm for 7:30pm

Oak Street

Cradley Heath

West Midlands

B64 5JY

Parking in company car parks adjacent to factory. Meet in main reception. Tour guides Bob Whiston and Ian Povey


Ivans famous Fish & Chips. Award Winning food established 60 years. Food is complimentary. Time 8:30 pm. 3 minute walk from Whistons

52 Reddal Hill Road. Cradley Heath. B64 5JT


Waggon & Horses Public House. Real Ale. Time 9:05 pm. Opposite Ivans Fish & Chips

For those of you who have long memories, this ABC tour was last undertaken back in 2008

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What an interesting tour. BIG presses with big tools. The largest pastry cutters I have ever seen. Proper milling machines working incredibly accurately. Impressive on an industrial level.

Such lovely people too. I wish them all at Whiston Industries great prosperity and success.



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