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organised by Geoff Gray Visit and Tour of The Way, Wolverhampton Youth Zone, School Street, Wolverhampton, WV3 0NR


Date: 19th March 2018 (third Monday of month)

Tour started at 7.30 pm, we met in car park over the road in Church Street (off Worcester Street) at 7.15pm onwards. There is a car park in School Street but it is due to be redeveloped.

There was no cost for the visit but voluntary donations that amounted to roughly £100 from our members would be put to great use.

Afterwards we visited a quiet hostelry in Wolverhampton-The Giffard Arms-where they play heavy metal music and your feet stick to the floor!

The Giffard Arms, 64 Victoria Street, Wolverhampton  WV1 3NX  Tel :01902 426664

Organised by Geoff Gray


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