Laser Quest Stourbridge. Organised by Jon Lees. 8pm Cost was based on eleven = £17.50 each. As always to our meetings, friends and guests are very welcome.

Twelve attended, which meant I actually had a little bit of cash over. This I have sent to the "Princes Trust" as part of the campaign promoted by our wonderful immediate past 41 Club association National President David Campbell.

Page 104(Our clubs One Hundred and Fourth meeting since chartered)

Atendees =

Barry P. Ian P.
David W.
Russel C.
Jake U. Matt U
Bob W. Craig Luke
Paul J.
Tim S.
Jonathan L.

we did Laser Quest in Stourbridge before, a long time ago at our Charter Night in 2009 which was a superb evening and all thought it was well worth doing again.

Laser Quest Stourbridge,
The Warehouse,
33 High Street,
Stourbridge, DY8 4DG

Click for Map for directions

Plenty of parking is on the front of Laser Quest. Afterwards let's go up road to my favourite local - The Robin Hood, Collis Street serving excellent real-ales and tasty cobs if you want food.
(near the top of the one-way street many of you will have driven down - so to avoid loads of silly right hand turns driving there! You may prefer if coming from that way to park outside the pub, or use the free car park opposite the Robin Hood, then walk down the hill where Laser Quest is on your left).

As requested: Anyone who wants to know some detail of Jon's "REAL ALE DIET" can click here


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