Skittles + AGM - Page 98 (Our clubs ninety eighth meeting since chartered)

Queens Head, Enville Street, A458, Stourbridge, DY8 3TQ.

Parking on Enville Street, up and down the street. Queens Head Stourbridge

Tuesday 19th September 2017 7:30pm onwards

includes our short AGM,

£ Free

‘Huge’ selection of beers on tap (many signed up for the real ale 100's T-Shirt challenge.

Food available, lovely cobs, pork pies and scotch eggs

Historic Pub.  We were the first club to use their new skittles alley/room!


The AGM was a great success, Mike spent a couple of minutes going over some of the highlights.

New officers were elected with great enthusiasm:

Charman = Matt Upcott

Vice Chair = Tony Smith

Existing officers re-elected also enthusiastically

Secretary = Tim Prior

Treasurer = Paul Jay

Membership = Bob Whiston

Webmaster = Jonathan Lees

Photographer = Mike Lang

Bob dealt with our club business followed by encouragement to attend other local national and international events.

ABC41 Club member Jon with National Exec.
August 2017 from Southampton to Antwerp, Ghent, Rotterdam, Amsterdam & back.  Excellent Fellowship on the first Past-Table Club cruise.


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