STUDIO RECORDING - Page 100 (Our clubs One Hundreth meeting since chartered)

13th November 2017 organised by:  David Wilcox 


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Song music and words are original and written by David Wilcox.  Performed and arrangement by Homity Pie.   Choir were members of the Active Black Country Past Round Table (41) Club.
All Rights Reserved.  Copyright 2017 © David Wilcox.

Recorded at:  Neon Sound Studios,
Unit 4a, New Road,
(01543 677012).

We were all treated royally by the management and staff.  The evening included:
• A Welcome drink
• Tour of recording and rehearsal studios
• Live recording of ABC members singing our own “Active Black Country Carol”. (Backing Music had already been recorded by Homity Pie)
• Hot-pot meal – Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice and Beef & Ale with Potatoes as the options.
• Sing-along/open-mic session hosted by Homity Pie, our local folk rock band.

The cost of the evening was £25 per head included a welcome drink, the hot-pot meal and all recording services. Neon Studios included a licensed cash bar, “Humbuckers” which was open during the meal and session.

Musicians among ABC members were encouraged to bring an instrument to make for a lively session later in the evening. To which Neil Ramone and Jonathan Lees took full advantage of, to rapturous applause by all.

Mike and Kate, Neon owners, hosted the ABC visit.

We Made It On 41 Club Magazine!  See Page 9



Morning Dave

Just wanted to say thank you for a great and entertaining evening last night!

Brilliant – looking forward to our No 1 in the Mozambique Charts!?



Hi Jon,

In the unlikely event of the ABC Carol going any further, I'd be grateful if you could attach the credits as follows:

Active Black Country Carol - Original Words and Music by David Wilcox. Arranged by Homity Pie

ABC Choir - Barry Povey, Bob Whiston, Craig Dollery, David Wilcox, Geoff Gray, Ian Povey, Jake Upcott, Jonathan Lees, Lee Humphries, Lloyd Rodgers, Matt Upcott, Mike Lang, Mike Upcott, Neil Rabone, Paul Jay and Tim Prior

Produced by Mike Newey

Engineering and additional programming by Sam Brice

Mixed and mastered by Sam Brice and Mike Newey

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Neon Sound Studios, Burntwood, Staffordshire, England, WS7 0AZ on 13th November 2017

Homity Pie - Mandolin: Roger Morgan. Bass guitar and banjo: David Wilcox. Drums: Jim Allder. Acoustic guitars: Mike Newey. Flute and percussion: Kate Hoare

Musical consultant: Roger Morgan

Many thanks.

Yours in ABC

David Wilcox


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