GUNS- Page 85 (Our clubs Eightyfifth meeting since chartered)

TUESDAY 17th May 2016 Organised by Mike Lang

Worcs Norton Shooting Club, Norton Barracks, Brockhill Lane, Norton Worcs WR5 2PP off Jnc 7 of M5.

Meet N Greet - registration cost £35 per person (which covered refreshments/loan of safety gear & insurance/ use of guns & ammunition)

Tea-coffee on arrival / safety briefing / issue safety equip / meet Range Safety Officers.

7 to 9pm Shoot a selection of Section 1 Firearms under supervision

(concluded 9pm latest due to local bye laws)

debrief return of safety gear / disperse.

Afterwards the pub: The Swan, Old Road, Whittington, Worcester, WR5 2RL (lovely Pub)

Glad you enjoyed your evening.

From memory you shot / or had the opportunity to shoot the following:-
Type of gun - caliber

Ruger 10/22 semi auto rifle - .22

BSA Bolt action singe shot rifle - .22

Marlin Rifle - 38/357 western style under lever rifle
AK47 Rifle - 7.62 rifle
Southern Gun Rifle - .223
M16 Rifle - .223
Taurus Long barrel revolver - 38/357

Mossberg Shotgun - solid slug

Plus several members acting as your hosts additionally brought along their own guns so I dont have a definitive list of what they had on the night.

Hope that this may assist?

Look forward to seeing you at another ABC41 Club event in the future



Morning both

I know I don't have to ask if your Club members had a good evening last night the grins on every face said it all!!

I am aware that there was a slight confusion over names on a couple of certificates I think an incorrect named one was given out in error?

If any members would like to email me I can send a replacement.

As I am aware you normally meet on a Monday night I regret that I am already committed to my Rotary Club meetings on the same night - however please keep in touch and I would like to participate if event(s) is on another night/day of the week.

Best wishes to all



Hello Neil,

Thank you for all your help in organizing a brilliant night of shooting.

Using Andrews words, ‘’a few moments in your life are truly memorable our shooting night is definitely one of those moments’’.

We will keep you in touch with our meetings.

Kind regards



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