Organised by our Chairman Andy Worrall (Our clubs seventyseventh meeting since chartered)

We’m gooin on the Buz !!!! On the evening of Monday 21st September 2015 we had a private showing of the Aston Manor Road Transport Museum
Address: Shenstone Drive, Northgate, Aldridge, Walsall, WS9 8TP   website

Helping to make this a memorable occasion, after looking around we held our AGM actually on a vintage bus!

Thank you to all for attending the Transport Museum, £190 being donated to the museum charity. (Please leave a review on tripadvisor) - Bob Whiston

Delightfully the National Vice Chairman, Barry Durman joined us for our night.   He made a special request; for classic car drivers to bring along their own Classic Cars

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We followed our Bus museum visit by partaking a beer or two at the barless!!:
Manor Arms, Park Road, Walsall WS4 1LG

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ABC 41 Past Round Table Club's 8th AGM


Attendees (from memory): Andy Hood, Paul Daniels, Russell Cleland, Bob Whiston, Tim Prior, Richard Cooper, Barry Durman, Tony Smith, Ben Reid, Mike Lang, Matt Upcott, Steve Glaister, Martin Osborne, Neil Rabone, Neil Bates, Jon Lees, Barry Durman, Stuart Drake.

Apologies included: Paul Jay, Andy Worrall, Tim Scott, Harrison Riley, John Ferris,

Outgoing Chairman Andy Worrall's statement: "Unfortunately Gentlemen I have to be in France that Evening as we have a Sales Meeting Scheduled for 9.00am the next morning.  It does mean however that you wont have to listen to me waffling on about my year in the chair. The Event is sorted and I’m sure Richard and Bob will get you organised.  I would therefore like to thank all of you who have organised meetings this year, especially Bob, who always seems to have something planned if there is a shortage of ideas. Keep up the Good work for next year. Thanks to Tim and Paul for keeping the paperwork up to date.  Jon for the Website, Mike for the Photography etc.  And Rich Cooper my VC for standing in when I’ve not been available, Sorry I missed so many Meetings, It’s not been my best year as most already Know, but onwards and upwards.

Good Luck for Next Year all, I look forward to seeing you at the next event.

PS this will probably shorten the AGM by another 5 minutes.

Best Regards

Andy ( )

Officers for next year 2015 - 2016:

Chairman - Richard Cooper was formally elected at the AGM

Secretary – Tim Prior has kindly agreed to continue this position and was approved at the AGM.

Membership – Bob Whiston has kindly agreed to continue this position and was approved at the AGM.

Web Master – Jon Lees has kindly agreed to continue this position and was approved at the AGM.

Treasurer – Paul Jay has kindly agreed to continue this position and was approved at the AGM.

Vice Chairman – Mike Lang has kindly agreed to continue this position and was approved at the AGM.


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