18th May 2015 SPEEDWAY WOLVERHAPMTON (Our clubs seventyfourth meeting since chartered)

organised by Nick Hingley

We enjoyed a fabulous evening of thrills and spills at Monmore Green Speedway on Monday 18th May when Wolverhampton Wolves face King's Lynn Stars in an Elite League tie.  There are three tiers of speedway in the UK of which the Elite League is the top tier, and Wolves and King's Lynn well established teams.  Our package included a guided tour of the pits, an opportunity to meet the riders plus a rare chance to watch the racing from the unique perspective of the centre green!  All this is available at a specially discounted entrance price of £13.50 including programme for our group of over 20.

The first race is at 7.30pm was marred by a rainstorm and dramatic spin offs of riders.  We though it might get abandoned as has happened in the past due to the wet, but the riders stoically raced anyway.

Stadium address: Ladbroke Stadium, Sutherland Avenue, Wolverhampton, WV2 2JJ

Wolves ride in the Elite League (the top league of three British leagues) and have current World Champion Tai Wooffinden in their team, although Kings Lynn beat them soundly tonight.

On Josh Bates' speedway bike.With speedway legend "Josh Bates"


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