Night Watch - Page 70(Our clubs seventieth meeting since chartered)


A friend of mine from my musical past is part of a duo called The Night Watch and they do an evening which will involve them talking about historic musical instruments, demonstrating them and giving us a chance for a hands on try on some of the less delicate ones.

Songs, instruments and culture

Venue; The new Cradley Heath Liberal Club, 60 Upper High Street, Cradley Heath, B64 5HU

Monday 19th January 2015 for 8pm, upstairs room, downstairs bar.  Cost £5.00 each - a genuinely real bargain for these talented gentlemen.

Private car park, modern building.

The Night Watch played ‘early music’. This means songs and dance tunes from the 12th century (the earliest we have in Europe) to the end of the 17th century. This covers the mediaeval (12th–15th centuries), renaissance (15th– early 17th century), and early baroque (17th century) periods.

As always guests were very welcome.

Booked and organised by Neil Ramone


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