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This painting course on Monday 28th April 2015 ‘Paint My Way’ was brilliant.  At Worfield Village Hall – near Bridgnorth - WV15 5NS

We all started with a blank canvas and the tutor took the group through the various stages of building up a scene and within 2 ½ hrs we all ended up with our own pictures created ourselves. 

Info from the company:- The workshops are suitable for people from the age of 5 years upwards who have never held a brush in their hand before through to people who have painted for years.  If you have always painted using tiny details this may be the thing for you it will help you loosen up and be free, take a look at the students snaps page of my website and see for yourself!  All the materials needed to complete a 16in x 20in painting are supplied (some workshops may vary in canvas size) the paints which depending on the workshop subject— will be oils or acrylic paint, high quality box canvas, brushes and most importantly the tea, coffee and biscuits !

The detailed instruction is step by step—-everything is explained as I show you how to use each brush. I will show you how to load the brush with paint and how to apply it to the canvas. Each painting turns out different to the next persons as everyone interprets what I show them differently from the next person.

The classes are very laid back as well as being informative, as a rule I only have a maximum of 14 students each time so I can give lots of attention to everyone.  Many students come back again and again.

Dear All

This is was a GREAT evening! – all were surprised at the Artist that lies within!!!

Diane Jennings operates her business called ‘Paint My Way’ and has done so for 20 years or more by teaching complete novices how to create a MASTERPIECE in just 3 hours !! – a bit of artistic licence here!! but certainly at the end of 3 hours we all had a presentable painting to take home.

The Cost was a special price of only £25 per person which included canvas and paints.

Teacher = Diane Jennings 01584 872013 or 07800902488


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