Page 69 (Our clubs sixtynineth meeting since chartered)

8pm - 15th December 2014 - Curry Night -

Party hats were worn!

ASKA Balti Restaurant, 53 High St, DY9 8LQ LYE.

Ranked #1 of 106 Restaurants in Stourbridge Tripadvisor

Four Course Meal £10… wide choice of dishes!

We brought along our own drinks and party hat or cap, noting that ASKA sells soft drinks only.

Jon did a caption competition of compromised pictures of our Chairman Andy that most members joined in with, won by Martin O...

Prizes of incalcuable value were also awarded for the best jokes of the evening as judged by Bob.

By special request, some very keen members will met first at the

Windsor Castle Inn

7 Stourbridge Road LYE


For pre meal drinks, from 6.30pm onwards

Organised by Bob

This meeting is from an original idea by Richard Cooper




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