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On Tuesday 22nd January 2013 despite the snow and freezing conditions many members of ABC41 Club were made very welcome indeed by the enthusiastic members of Warley Model Railway Club. First we had a fascinating talk about the history of this model train club and heard how it has a strong membership, and how it is responsible for annually taking over one of the massive NEC halls to put on a rally for enthusiasts who come from all around the world. As a hobby it appeals to both world famous stars and both men and boys from all backgrounds alike. We learnt the difference in track guages and how diverse the hobby is. We then were shown some of the superb layouts under contruction, most working before our eyes. It was delightful to see the care taken by club members of the impressive apparatus. Well done Bob for arranging this for us, as always an interesting different inspiring evening. Afterwards we sampled the delights of ales available at the Weatherspoons Pub - Court of Requests, Church St. Oldbury

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A thorough and interesting talk was enjoyed by all first This reminds me of going to work every day
She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes... This station is prettier than a swiss platform. Looks like she is heading for the sink!
The americans are here Theres gold in them there hills Look out for injuns
Even a harbour eh. A realistic looking tower collapse The room is even on two levels
What a fabulous clubroom Many pearls of wisdom shared Questiontime
The detail is impressive The main picture is bigger than this Look at the speed.
Someone spent a long time doing this Wow what detail Underneath
Mission Control A quiet day at the club Is there a plan to this
Takes you back to the bad old days When employment was full It only need rain
Even has inspection pits This is fun Some of us got tea.
Choo choo Railroaded Blare blare
A rare picture of Mike, You aint seen me right. And then the engine driver said to the conductress....
Are we having fun yet? When is the 10:20 due in? You are the secretary now, you sort it out.
This track leads nowhere Can I poke it? There are no women in this magazine.
No I do not like beer either It has been a hard day - better we do not weaken Any chance of taking the picture so it appears we are in a library?


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