QUEST - 20th May 2013 Page 51(The clubs fiftyfirst meeting since chartered)

Merry Hill

£15 per person, for 90 mins of activities.

Rough Run through –

· 7:25 Scheduled arrival time (Meet at Quest reception desk - Just inside Main Entrance in Debebenhams Car Park End)

· 7:30 Meet and Welcome from Quest Staff + Ropes Preparation

· 7:40 Commence Harnessing and Ropes Briefing and Start 1st Activity

· 8:20 Stagger Off Ropes and onto 2nd Activity (Crazy Golf)

· 8:45 End Second Activity

· 8:45 Demonstration time for other activities. (NERF Arena/Gallery)

9:00 Off to The Vine (Bull & Bladder) for a well earned pint of Bathams.

Richard Cooper
ABC 41 Club


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