Kiddermister Carpet Museum - Page 49(The clubs fortyninth meeting since chartered)

Evening Visit, Demonstrations and Talk

A most interesting visit was enjoyed by a dozen members of our Active Black Country Past Round Table (41) Club.

Possibly the most knowledgable speaker on the subject of Kidderminster Carpets in the word Mr Melvyn Thompson who has written a number of books on the field was kind enough to give us all a wonderful taster of what the industry was and still is about. Accompanied by a strong team of experts who powered up the machines and showed us real Carpet actually being made on these classic showpieces. We also had a privilaged demonstration of the hand looms and enjoyed many other exhibits during our private showing. What a treat. Organised by Honorary Chairman Jonathan Lees he thanked the staff of the museum for opening this Tuesday evening 19th March 2013 especially for us. Most members stated they would be going back with others for a more detailed visit in the future. Afterward we had the odd drink at the Boars Head, a unique experience in itelf with wonderful crazy staff and friendly patrons.

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Stour Vale Mill/Green Street, Kidderminster DY10 1AZ

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Outside view from road.
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Chairman and members
Great selection of ales, decent food, dogs on leads welcome
Demonstration about to happen
This is how it is done
All questions answered impressively
Great talk. Hello This is interesting
Seen the size of mine This is how to make carpet Heath Robinson would have been proud
These lift up inside. This wizzez across Not a photo - this is a carpet
I said, does this machine make you deaf. Making axminster Give me a sign
How would you like this up your stairs Going for a spin Is this what the paper was named after
The ludites would not like this Real Kidderminster "stuff" Doing this was better than working for a living
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Members debating Past times eh
Now this is a wide picture
The camera was in focus, it was the members who were blurred I didn't get where you are today by hanging a round in pubs Great to see the odd visitor - most welcome, asked many interesting questions too.


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