Clay Pigeon Shoot - Page 40(The clubs fourtieth meeting since chartered)

19th June 2012 at Millride Country Sports, Hill Farm, Bognop Road, Essington, Wolverhampton WV11 2AZ - organised by Tony Smith


Dear All

I wanted to formally thank Tony for organising a great night on Monday!

Thank you all for also making Ian Mansfield feel so welcome - he will be joining us again I am sure

Just to say - Monday was a great night and well done to Mike Lang who is now our Undisputed Champion Clay Pigeon Shot !! - I feel an entry coming on for the forthcoming Olympics!!

Next Meeting is Dudley 7's on July 7th - details will follow and all are welcome

See you all soon

Tim Prior Chairman


What a super evening. Thank you Tony for organising such pleasant event for us. On a personal note I would particularly like to thank you allowing my daughters to enjoy the opportunity to shoot real guns too, they both had a wonderful time and loved the experience. Well done Mike winning the trophy from me, looking at the score sheet below, want was wrong with that second clay?

Yours in ABC

Jonathan Lees


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Our prized Trophy
Swallow this you clay disk
Can I get that plane
Have you shot a gun before? Wow good shot That fence panel will not stop much
Line it up Carefully squeeze the trigger Damn missed it.
Pose 1 Pose 2 - much better Pose 3 - I blinked
Pose 5 - almost as good as 2 Pose 9 - no you will not catch me out I am consistent and accurate to the millimeter Is that a duck
Does my bum look big in this Bang That is where I will shoot
This is how you do it Mutter mutter mutter Right do we have a game plan now.
Lets see if this works I wonder if the five I missed means I will come second A great evening for it
This is how it is done Kaboom - got it Is he in my team
oh err Gotcha Pop
Blap Booch The rangers
Champion This events winner amongst the abc members with an almost perfect score (missed only one) is our talented club official photographer - Mike.  Well done indeed sir. Great evening Tony, we all applaud you.
Now who is for a pint A great end to the evening.

A True Classic beautiful desirable and quite fabulous - born in 1968 means it can belong in 41+ club just about (I am of course referring to the car).

Tony presenting the bi-annual abc41club shooting trophy to Mike. We are all winners tonight Mike receiving the abc41club bi-annual shooting competition trophy from Tony the organiser
Here is perhaps the worlds most classic car. My cartridges are a in a pretty coloured box different to the men Here there be flying clays lurking
The battle ground No I have never held a real gun before


I got that one
Wow see that go
All quiet on the western front
So this is a real gun Are you having fun yet No this is not too heavy
I hope we don't make a hash of this in front of girls Hold it like this I will just get out of the way
Where is that plugged in Aim for the clay Up a bit
The spoils of war This takes some doing You like my outfit
They are cartridges I think Where is the laser sights This will be fun
What do you mean you cannot see the clay I have heard of shooting blind, but this is ridiculous What is down there
This is getting heavy I have just succesfully shot the sun into pieces That is another clay dead
Forget Loki I am the best Avenger I am ready to shoot something Can I try the machine gun now
Good recoil on this Stare into the sun for a while, it will improve your shot Fall out four
More bang for your buck A nice blue sky, I'll soon fix that Just call me Rick o shay
Is that a poacher up there. How can anyone miss at this Thats another one biting the dust
Aim higher. You will get this one. Am I doing it right.
To infinity and beyond. Is it a bird or is it a plane? Do I look the part?
Incoming Loverly Up a bit
Can you see the clay The spoils of war Where's that pigeon
Catch this High Tech contraption Take this
Bang Crack Bam
Pah Poof Forget Dad's army, we are the resistance.
The A+ team. Eat lead, clay bird. Got it.
One for the family album A happy abc41club member and daughters on an innocent evenings gun play Is the ground moving?
Catch this clay bird. Where do the batteries go I'll never miss this
Where did it go. "Looking the business" What you mean I missed one!
I want this The scoresheet - anonymised.  If you want a copy of the full detail please email webmaster :-)


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