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Acorn Lodge - Fun Quiz Evening

16th January 2012 Organised by Neil Rabone.

Venue: Making Tracks, Acorn Lodge, 137-149 Vicarage Road, Rood End, Oldbury, B68 8JA

Parking: The car park holds about 10 cars, but there is also plenty of on road parking on Vicarage Road

Cost: £10.00 including food

Making Tracks is a small day service for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. They are a charity group who, as Smethwick & Oldbury Round Table, we were able to support in the past.

More details can be found on their website at:

The plan for the night is as follows:

7:30 Don’t eat before you come! There will be a Caribbean buffet including jerk chicken, rice and peas, curried goat and much more.

You will appreciate that the venue is not licensed to sell alcohol, but there is no problem with bringing your own lubrication for the evening, or if it is easier, there is an off licence directly opposite.

8:15 A brief opportunity to find out about the work that is carried out at Making Tracks. Dannie will give us a guided tour of her domain including the sensory room where we can check if 41ers have really lost all of their senses

8:30 A fun quiz including rounds on sport, music and general knowledge, but nothing too onerous

During the quiz we will have a few extra activities designed to divest you of a couple more quid to add to the charity pot.

The purpose of the evening is to have fun but also raise a few quid for Making Tracks to help them further develop the services they offer to the community, which, as it happens includes my own daughter, Charlotte. It will also give you a better sense of the type of support that is needed by ADULTS with learning disabilities, a group often forgotten about amongst all of the charity fundraising for disabled children.

I should point out that if you look for the venue on Google, you will see the picture below – yes it is the big sandy coloured building site. I am pleased to say that building work has progressed well and you will not be needing a hard hat!

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Well this looks hot and tasty
Say something nasty and you will be wearing this
Our quizmaster and the management
Who are these people on the photosheet?
We have the tidiest table
Hey Andy's arm - don't you know the mouth has moved
Quick get the free pen
I'm telling you - it really is this big
I see Bob sensibly has arranged a couple of ringers to come along on his team
Great fellowship was enjoyed during the evening
No I still cannot find Wally
They may have won nuts for coming last but only Neil knows if their hands are not where they should be when this picture was taken.
Beer for the runners up - well Neil the generosity knows no bounds
A bottle of wine each for the quiz winners
The quiz has gone well, but the bribes were far too mean to make any difference sadly
We learnt a lot of interesting detail about Making Tracks, the evening raised a little in the way of funds, and some friends have been made
Chairman Tim was eloquent  in his thank you speech
Well done Neil for a great fun quiz, thank you for super food, and thank you for an interesting educational enjoyable evening
Ok who gave me their phone number Next meeting we are going to the dogs Thursday 16th February 2012 - book in with me please

To go to the Making Tracks, Acorn Lodge website please click here Click here for more

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