NFL Motorcycling - Page 42(The clubs fourtysecond meeting since chartered)Contact here if you wish to learn motorbiking

organised by Mike Lang Monday 20th August 2012


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Do they have one in pastel fuchia
The easy rider has arrived astride his own hog.
So where do the batteries go?
No wheelies, jumps, or racing though fires chaps
And this bit makes the coffee beans ground down bestest
This will be a le-mans running start
I didn't look as cool doing this when I was 17 years old.
Keep it below 80mph chaps
At last a decent photo of the members
Can you take it again, I blinked this time.
Yes the youngsters did not enjoy themselves anywhere are near as you chaps have.
Caption required
The happy bikers
Here hold this
Everybody say vroom vroom
He told me I was the best motorkike pupil  he ever had seen
Mine is another pint.
If you fancy a go - here are the details of the venue :-)

What a magnificent evening. Good weather, great company, interesting experience, pleasant staff, working motorcycles and scooters, proper safety equipment, all followed by decent beer next to a brewery. Well done Mike for organising yet another excellent Active Black Country Past Round Table (41) Club exciting adventure. On behalf of all of us there Mike, thank you.




Thanks Jon!

Just very happy that everyone had a good time and what a great bunch of people the NFL guys and girls were!!




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