Temple Lodge Masonic Education Evening - Page 43(The clubs fortythird meeting since chartered) - organised by Andy Hood

Tonight we had a most interesting insight into the rituals and what the Masons organisation was about. Members of Temple Lodge treated us to an excellent buffet, then afterward donned some of their regalia - told us what it meant to them, and told us in a most professionally slick prepared ceremony about some of what they do at their meetings, what was the values and ethos of their club, any why so many chose to join Masons over the centuries. We learnt some of their history, duties, charitable works, and commitments. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

+ ABC 41 Club 5th AGM

Afterward we agreed who was to do what in our club over the next 12 months.

The Batton offfice of Chairman is passed from Tim Prior to Jonathan Lees


Official Agenda & Minutes that were Circulated Beforehand to all membership by Hon. Secretary Andy

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A warm welcome to us visitors.
Making sure we were all looked after well
Grub up
Decent chandelier
Decent nosh this
Eat up chaps
My job is... What I do is... Does my bum look big in this?
I move two forward and then one to the side None of you will remember what I do At the moment I am in charge
The nomination for best actress goes to... We shall fight them on the beaches... From here you shall be taken to a place of excruciation...
Now the Monty Python Sketch - "The Architects" "Go compare..Go compare..." It has to be one of you who's turn it is to do the washing up, I did it last time.
Look I can punch him on the arm and he does not even flinch Would you like to see what a Mason wears under his arpron. If I was a Bishop I could only move diagonally right now.
Who typed this, the spelling is atrocious. So when does the film start. Masons looks fun.
Class, if you would like to turn your text book onto page.... Would the honourable member kindly agree... When to the dancing girls arrive.
I am not chairman - but I know a man who is. When I was Chairman I hardly spoke, I shall make up for that now. Tim thanking everyone for organising a great year.
This is going to go on a while I can tell. That is better, last year the AGM only lasted half an hour including an election. ...and I would like to thank my committee, my parents, my agent, my.....
When we formed this club we wanted no suits, ties, regalia, or formality, what is going on here. I did not know 41 club had an official tie, let alone have the disgrace of an incoming chairman wearing one. I thought his reading glasses looked stupid last year, but these are almost as bad.
The train evening has been delayed due to some inaine excuse, we will had a cob and play dominoes at the Anchor in Caunsall in November instead. What was that about a cob, I like cobs. I will be delighted to be the Chairman of Vice, thank you for your popular support.
Hmm cheese, beef, ham...what sort of Cob will I have in November. Can we vote against any of these proposals. Ok this year I am in charge, so you can all do exactly what you like.



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