Greyhound Racing - Page 36 (The clubs thirtysixth meeting since becoming chartered)

Thursday 16th February 2012 - organised by Nick Hingley at Monmore Green Stadium, Wolverhampton.

Well done Nick for negociating a reduction on the usual rate - our tickets were just £10* and included:

Admission to the stadium. GATES OPEN 6:30pm, FIRST RACE STARTS 7.00pm
Race Card
3 Bets at the Tote: 2 win bets and a jackpot bet
2 drinks from the bar
Basket meal

Also, there are two bonus races in addition to the usual twelve races.

*This was superb value at only a tenner per head*

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Munch munch
Slurp slurp
You aint seen me ........ right
I have a system
will this all fit in one go?
see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, smell no evil,
I think we can make a fortune here
Can I trump your ace I wonder, or does it not work like that?
Flying Ash, does that mean an  Icelandic volcano will ground all the dogs?
Pssst....want to buy a greyhound.
It's a hard life if you don't weaken.
Have we all bet on the same dog
Anyone know who will win the next one?
Get in there you lazy hound
WOW these dogs move fast
Come-on the winner, run faster
My goodness they are quick
That is it, nearly there!
So lets see, how do we play the odds. So this is a betting slip eh, can I have 50p on Ladbrookes please? Well not everyone can be lucky I suppose
The ABC syndicate. So this is a greyhound eh! Woof woof, quick get that hare.
Woof woof - watchout I am going so fast that I am going to spin off. A different shape picture for some reason? Hare today gone tomorrow

Good Morning All

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Nick for organising last nights Dog Racing !!

It was a really enjoyable evening - more so for some of us who had a couple of Triples come in !!

Tim Prior


Hope no one lost so much they need the Samaritans this morning, we need the members, but another good night in ABC, well done Nick...




Once again, our thanks to Mike Lang for his photographic adroitness. (editors note: it means quick and skillfull - and yes I had to look it up)


Bob Whiston


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