Dudley 7/7 Pub Crawl - Page 41(The clubs fortyfirst meeting since chartered)

Good morning Andy/Geoff,

On behalf of the club I sincerely thank you for organising the Dudley 7s commemorative pub crawl this year.

It embraced the true spirit of Table, all there enjoyed some great fellowship, and those of us unfamiliar with Bilston saw places we have never seen before.

Well done for resurrecting a great idea. The toast to Sean especially was most appropriate, thinking of him brought back some great memories of times and events we spent together, all who knew him genuinely miss him, I believe he would have soundly approved of the association of this event with his name.

Sorry for me being a lightweight, and bailing out on the last pub, but it took two weeks of begging to get my wife to agree to take me and pick me up afterwards so I did not wish to be later than I asked her to get me. Naturally I did toast you all with another pint when I got home to complete the 7.

Look forward to seeing you both again at the next ABC41 club meeting organised by Mike, on two wheels, check our website for detail.




Morning Gents

Tim asked me to drop you all a line after Saturday......

Just a quick Email to thank those of you who supported the Dudley 7’s event.

A lovely afternoon of old fashioned Round Table Fellowship was had by all, the Pub takings in Bilston were bolstered by our efforts, and we managed to avoid the rain.

I’m sure Sean would have approved.

It was a shame we couldn’t have got a few more out,but maybe next year, I understand Saturday is not the best day to abandon the Family.

Thanks to Geoff for doing the organising, I can’t take any credit for this one, he had it all well in hand before I got involved.

Thanks also to those of you who have sponsored me for my Bike Ride on Saturday..

See you all at the next Meeting, if I can walk again by then....

Best Regards

Andy W



I didn't do much organising!


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Is Geof saying he is already on his second pint?
The beginning
Second Pub already - The Swan
What no Guinness available!
Oops I did not want the flash
I know I have had a few - but focus will you.
Now I can read it.
Decent pint this.
Well we could always shop too.
First ray of sunshine in ages
Lets fill up the smoking area - yay.
This be a Wetherspoons
I see no Henry or Newbolt.
Caption required.
When is a door not a door?
Good joke.
Keeping you up are we.
The Market Tavern
Tell me another. Are those English crisps. How fast is that hand.
See you. Why was this picture taken. Ok this was at least the sixth pint but the photography is rubbish.
Evidence that Jon did not take this rubbish picture anyway. This is a vile pint. What is so interesting on the ceiling chaps.
This beer has not affected me. Well I am ready for a pint now.
Now that is a picture framed on what it was all about.
Carrying out this duty is a serious business You aint seen me right I didn't get where I am today by wasting my time in public houses
I will drink to that Somebody has a new facebook avatar It will take a while to try out all of these
If I lean over you might fit a little one in extra on this photo I now pronounce you man and.... Can I cover up this sign for a moment
Well we got rid of Jon so the real fun can start I think I have my lift home guys All together now Y..M..C..
This one will do chaps

Video movie Dudley 7/7 ONE

Video movie Dudley 7/7 TWO

Video movie Dudley 7/7 THREE

Video movie Dudley 7/7 FOUR

At Wetherspoons while in an early state of inebriation (it was the fourth pint of the afternoon) a wager for money was shook upon by two ABC members in front of witnesses. (This seems a great bet that we all sincerely hope Andy looses as it will be for a wonderful reason).

Names and signatures anonymised on-line but original available on file with webmaster for evidence.
(Translation of Jon L's handwriting into legible English):
Mike L. bet Andy W. that he will be a Granddad within 5 years from this day 7th July 2012 £50.00 signed (by both)


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