Page 45. (The clubs fortyfifth meeting since chartered)

19th November 2012. Dominoes at the Anchor Inn (Bob and Jon’s Local)

Scoring was Fives and Threes, a traditional pub or cribbage game.

We all picked it up in 5 mins.

Food: We sampled the Anchors amazing cobs,as people travel from all over the midlands to have a cob and a pint in this real ale and real cider pub.

The Beer and Cider on offer is first class and choice extensive.

The Anchor Inn at Caunsall

Parking was on the quiet road and pub car park.

The Anchor Inn,
Caunsall Road,
Near Kidderminster,
DY11 5YL

7.15pm for 8pm, but there was no problem with anyone coming after then.

5 & 3 scoring as follows:

3 - 1 point
5 - 1 point
6 - 2 points (two threes)
9 - 3 points (three threes)
10 - 2 points (two fives)
12 - 4 points (four threes)
15 - 8 points (three fives and five threes)
18 - 6 points (six threes)
20 - 4 points (four fives)
Note this meeting replaced the advertised ABC meeting (trains) which will now take place in the New Year.

organised by: Bob Whiston


Thank you Bob for organising such a superb evening on such short notice. I know the ethos of abc41club was to avoid us all becoming a bunch of old farts only meeting up at pubs occationally to drink beer and play dominoes, so this was a great rebellious idea even against out own constitution to do just that. The anarchist spirit of ex-tablers has not been lost. Well done. We all look forward to doing the original scheduled event of mini train spotting at some future juncture.

Cheers. YIABC

Jon Lees Chairman


Decent looking Cobs on the side there Jon Hectic pace this eveningFriendly place this pub


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