Canal Tunnel Trip - Page 39(The clubs thirtynineth meeting since chartered)

21st May 2012 at the Dudley Limestone Caverns - organised by Chairman Tim Prior

Good Morning All

Thank you for such a brilliant turn out last night - I hope you all enjoyed it - I did !!

I thought it was absolutely fascinating!!

From the total up this morning, I owe Bob, Richard Pugh and Tony Edwards £4 - which I will sort next time we meet

Just a quick reminder about next months event - 18th June - 7 pm

See you then

Tim Prior


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A google map of the area
Marked in blue where I believe the canal route took us
A google image of the entrance
The club members arriving in style after an executive coach transfer from the car park Why does our boat not have a roof? Yom yom yom.
A closer google image of the entrance A google picture of the way in
Anyone got the ketchup
Yes I know this picture is out of sequence, but it is the right shape to fit here neatly
Another pic out of sequence, this is a taster of one of the highlights of the journey
Watchout for icebergs skipper Hey I think we are standing below the waterline chaps Shall we all send the smoker to coventry
Now just what is so interesting about the nature of this tree these particular backwoodsmen are checking out We know what you've been doing Ive counted them all out - and I will count them all back
I think this bricklayer did my back wall Engage warp engines now Scotty Does that arrow mean we are going the wrong way
What do you mean? The European Development Fund was not invented in 1792 - this hole is English through and literally through I wonder what is on the other channel Dont flush it.
Watch out for the chicane Hmmm lovely I wonder how long that chain lasts
Oooh slimeotites Looks like they ran out of bricks here Are we there yet
Spooky high visibility vest chum Hey who turned out the lights Did someone mention a ghost
Have those warp engines kicked in again Now I just love what you have done with the place State of art, cutting edge technology LED lighting this boat has got - cool eh.
Creepy I wonder if this was when we were under the dead centre of Dudley Well I think we look the part with the hard hats on
One of the regular holes that the props went in when the tunnel was being built A display to give us the feel of the workers Pretty realistic I thought
Not the best place to eat your sandwiches Not a lot of spare headroom Keep at it chaps
Where did you get the wood to boil your kettle mate Looks like my rear end after that dicey curry, rather than a fresh air ventilation shaft Canal Tunnel Ventilation Shaft - Google Image
Shaft Inside Dudley Tunnel - Google Image Good to see a bit of chicken wire has been put up to protect us from a cave in. Fresh air - we made it to the basin
Hanging Gardens of Dudley - Google Image Another hole - all change Not a lot of a turning circle here
In the basin Newest Tunnel There be fossils hiding here
I think this looks like a hobbit hole This tunnel has lights in Is this what it looks like down your throat when you are being sick
Wrens Nest Tunnel - Google Image Murder Mine - Google Image Hey it is going to be total gridlock
Cut your wash In the prefab section now It is dark in here
Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Is the LED bulb more interesting If our captain is over there, who is skippering the boat
A geologist would tell us a lot about this limestone Our rescue boat Decent sized cave this
Now that is a neater way to do a tunnel Dont mention pirates A nobbly bit
These ventilation shafts look horrible, and to think we are breathing the air that has come through that Is there a way through Stock Picture
Suprising amount of activity going on under Dudley Lets all look in opposite directions shall we Guess what this is a picture of
I wonder how many bricks it took to make this Are we having fun yet Just a filler
A google picture of the way out Stock Picture A google image of the exit and where we parked


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