Bewdley Brewery Visit - Page 46(This clubs fourty sixth meeting since chartered)

December 2012 Map Brewery Website

Well done Trevor and Bob for organising such a super evening. It was enjoyed very much by us all. The talk was excellent. The Worcestershire Way beer we sampled was excellent. The Chillie Con Carne was really tasty and hot. In every was the experience was a fabulous success. The £5.00 we each paid has gone to charity as the beer and food was supplied free by the brewer owners - thank you very much. I have even earned many brownie points since due to the crate of mixed beer we brought back home for my wife. My Dad thanks you all for making him so welcome as a visitor, and said when we went to the pub afterward that it was many years since he had gone to a pub with a sizeable group of men only. He had almost forgotten what that was like.

Cheers to you all for making it a great night. Thank you Mike again as always for supplying a pictoral record of our meeting.



A pleasant evening. Evidence we can still stand afterward


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