Page 33 (Thirtythird meeting since chartered) Rugby

Stourbridge R.F.C.

Organiser Bob Whiston Tuesday 18th Oct 2011 - Time 7:45 pm No CostMeet in the main club bar, the principle bar of three bars!! Tour of the Clubs facilities, history and see the practice sessions in progress Enjoy a social pint in Stourbridge RFC’s well stocked bar, no food. Cost £ free Please wear suitable outdoor clothes, but don’t panic you won’t be playing. Directions Stourbridge Rugby Football Club Ltd
Stourton Park
Bridgnorth Road
Stourbridge DY7 6QZ Tel: 01384 395000

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Stourbridge Rugby Club stock photo
The hallowed ground floodlit.  Apparently not large enough to play cricket on though!
The team preparing to encounter the rugby club using the classical method
Hello somebody is trying to get a bum shot
In the distance there are players on the next pitch
A most interesting talk from the commercial manager
You can't get past us
These goal posts go up a long way
The club house - rooms to rent for events available
Tim sporting his gift from Bob - I think in some cultures that now means that they are married!




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