Page 34 Walsall Leather Museum Visit

21st November 2011 - 7.30 to 9.30pm organised by Paul Myatt (well Bob again really)



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This is where the saddles get made - even today for a price
Who ordered the rain?
Sew this is how to hold leather together properly and neatly
I got that
Can I have a feel
There that is how to do it
I hope you are all watching closely
A beautiful herloom to treasure
Now I could tell you how it is done but then I would have to shoot you
Now let's see if I can ram it in
Nice bit of pig skin this
Hmm smooth, I could take a liking to this
You may find this educational
Yes the young Duke of Wellington was most grateful
It is a side-saddle, but not as we know it
I spy the other half of our group, I wonder if they are talking about us?
Here is my collection of scrapers
We use these to get a smooth finish on the leather
It has only taken me 71years to get the hang of this Now watch this closely Mine is longer than yours
Yes there was a time here when the smell was so powerfull we had to remove the windows Is this pillar safe? Might get the hang of it soon eh!
They don't make instruments like this any more Yes it ate a small apprentice before we skinned it You can't buy a roll of snake these days
Brings a new meaning to "rubbing up the wrong way" Crocodile Dundee has nothing on us Look what is next door to the Leather Museum.  What a guy :-)
Rub your hand along this young man You would like me to make it into what for you! If we all point, it will make a silly picture they said.
A pint of something pleasant please - of course we went to the pub afterward.



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