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organised by Martin Osbourne 23rd May 2011 on the River Severn, from Upper Arley to Bewdley.

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What the best dressed Gentlemen are wearing these days
Where we set off from
Ok what are we meant to do with these things?
What the best dressed Gentlemen are wearing these days
Oh yes you can trust us with your boat
Who wants some then?
Ah the great outdoors...............atchoo
Come on you lot, we have been here ages....
Tom Sawyer has nothing on our Tim
Na na - you can't catch me.
Now where do the batteries go?
Am I holding this right?
hssssssssssssssss Last one to the next bridge is a sissy Ah the great outdoors...............atchoo
Ah the great outdoors...............atchoo Do I need to row at the front? Cut your wash!
Here watch this summersault Comeon chaps, we can take em! Is that an anchor we are dragging?
Oh a life on the ocean waves.... Anyone seen a fish yet? Last one to the bridge buys the first round.
Where did that tree spring out from? Wait for me. Bye bye then
Lets try and stay in formation Are we going the right way? Keep to the middle guys
Fancy waterskying later? Come in number six your time is up. Hey red six watch out for submarines
I never knew there were this many bridges. Ok here is some clear water, so on your marks, get ready..... Ok who knocked the tree over.
They are coming up on the inside matey Collision alert So how is it possible our photographer has lost his camera?
Ahoy, this is our river.
Isn't it bad luck to have women on board?
Bewdley approaching chaps.
Why is there bits of tree in the boat?
Bewdley Bridge
Telford made this Ramming speed, now. Passports please
Feet on mother earth again, as for the arm.... Thats one small step for man... Avast ye land lubbers
Does my bum look big in this? Hold it steady chum. The problem now is how do we get up this bank?
It is all go at these ABC meetings you know I wonder what the rich people were doing this evening? Sitting with your friends eh Andy?
Quick let's move before the next photo is taken! Well well, who would have expected to see some ex-Tablers here? Who says we cannot organise a dinner meeting?
WINNING SHOT OF THE POOR CAMERA ANGLE COMPETITION.....Watch where you are pointing that thing! Click Here For Directions to the finishing pub by Bewdley River Severn Where we finished, drank beer, found chips, and sat outside on a superb evening.

Thank you Martin for organising an aquatic ABC meeting; we all enjoyed an exceptionally good jaunt down the river and naturally the real Ale atmosphere of the Mug House.




What a superb evening, thank you Martin, all for just £15 well done. Can I ask - Did anyone see Bob rowing at all? He was doing so every time I turned around, but we seemed to be going very slow most of the time. We even managed to be aiming for several part submerged trees, the bank sometimes, and into overhanging branches while he was supposedly steering - usually after he had just made a statement like "well this is wonderful" or "isn't this peaceful" or "it is all going very well", then we would crash into something!




Hi Bob

I really enjoyed the evening. It's good to know that there is life after Table, especially as I am in my last year!.
Thanks again for a warm welcome.


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