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+the fourth ABC 41 Club AGM

7pm, 19th September 2011 organised by Russell Cleland cost was £13.00 each for 2 games all cancellations had to be paid for :-(

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Somehow I do not think this means that Jon is James Bond!
Stop playing with your balls in public chum.
Great action shot of Russell
Can I have the next dance?
No I cannot think of a caption either
If you lean after a shot does that make the ball curve?
Well fancy - some ex-tablers have found a bar
Lets all do the resurection shuffle
Today abc41club, tomorrow the world
Now that is what I call an agenda
Custom Label - very posh
Another custom lable especially for this evening - great style Russell
Any matters arising I wonder
Shall we elect the Chairman an honorarium
I would like to call to order this meeting of the  diggers and levellers
Winner of the individual high score competition
It says here "best before 1979"
Winner of the toss for second place getting free wine.
Waht do you mean there is not enough time to get a drink! Looks like everyones enjoying themselves, at an AGM?!! If I appear to look at these papers when I speak the others will think I have prepared something real to say
Oh no I think I have fooled nobody, quick say something that appears sincere Great back of neck shot Four letters "lines the bottom of a bird cage" ending in "IT"
Do you want some I can write with my pen upside down Why oh why has nobody told me I look totally stupid wearing these reading glasses
The honorable passover of offices - no regalia - just best wishes and gratitude What you mean there is no honorarium This is how you make pottery
If you don't elect me as Vice I will write evil about each of you and publish it on the internet There was this Engishman, Irishman and Scotsman........... Your new Exec, Vice/Chair/Sec for 2011/12
I have detailed files on you all. Either vote for Jon to be Vice or your wives will learn everything. I have no idea what was being said here but it caused some amusement.
The Claculations of who won.


The winner of the bowling individual competition was Neil Bates who was presented by Russell with a customised bottle of Champagne.

FOR A FULL PRINTOUT OF SCORES CLICK HERE (you will need a pdf reader, if you do not have one click here)

Russell's arrangements did not go to plan as there was a tie for the runner up prize, therefore after a coin toss Harrison was presented by Russell with the second place prize of a customised bottle of wine, and Mike got nothing.

The fourth Active Black Country Past-Tablers (41) Club Annual General Meeting was held 19/9/11 after the bowling.

1. Outgoing Chairman Bob thanked Russell for organising such a super event this evening, thanked all organisers of ABC events throughout the year, and argued with the Secretary over protocol as the agenda called for a welcome only at this point rather than the Chairman's report which would be item 9. Then continued the argument that the meeting timing should not be taken from this point.

2. Vice-Chairman Tim thanked Bob for a most successful year under his capable management (24 seconds)

3. Hon. Secretary Andy's report had been distributed in writing and available on-line beforehand as below.

THE NOTICE which was sent to all members of todays AGM
THE AGENDA which was sent to all members of todays AGM
THIS 4th AGM Minutes

4. Hon. Treasurer Paul forwarded his report via the secretary stating books have balanced and he is willing to stand again. Capitation for ABC 41 Club is proposed to remain at £10 with the proviso that National does not make any unexpected change in their charges.

5. International Officer Neil reported that in line with the established requirement of not associating with any foreign nation more than 26 miles from England he had not been approached to make contact on our behalf with anyone involving commitment from members of our club.

6. Membership Officer Andy eloquently and accurately stated a full and comprehensive well prepared report, presenting in professional detail that we now have a club membership of 32, no 34, or is it 32? There were no questions from the quorate assembly present.

7. Hon. Webmaster Jon stated the site is running well, thanked Bob for his continued hosting of the site, and reported had now received 3243 hits which means it had 1540 hits in the last 12 months. Therefore it appears to be being used well by the membership.

8. Hon Chairman's report (the real one this time) Bob stated it had been a fantastic year, well enjoyed be all. He noted over 50% of our current members belong to other 41 Clubs in the area too, and this should continue to be encouraged. (1 minute 20 seconds)

9. Installation of our new Chairman elected for 2011/12 is Tim PriorBob congratulating Tim taking over ABC41 Club Chairman's Office. We need to encourage our existing members to continue attending as many events we have as possible, and need to get more existing Area 5 past Round Tablers to join us. (12 minutes 5 seconds).

Tim being such a popular guy there was a fight for who will be his Vice-Chairman requiring election addresses of the candidates and a vote from the members present.

10. Pre-Election addresses by nominees for Vice-Chairman in alphabetical order meant that Jon spoke to the room first? Jon urged the members to vote for Andy, but said there was no bad choice between them, and when questioned he stated he would happily carry on being the club's webmaster whether elected or not. Andy spoke second urging the members to vote for Jon, and said if he was elected Vice-Chairman he would not be willing to continue as the club's Hon. Secretary this year.
11. Winner of the election for Vice-Chairman 2011/12 is Jonathan Lees
The returning Hon. Secretary for 2011/12 again is Andy Worrall
The new Membership Officer for 2011/12 is Harrison Riley
The returning Hon. Webmaster for 2011/12 again is Jon Lees
The returning Hon. Treasurer for 2011/12 again is Paul Jay
The returning Official Photographer for 2011/12 again is Mike Lang
A new office was created for 2011/12 of Fellowship/International Officer being Bob Whiston

12. A.O.B. It was suggested future meetings might be more enjoyable for organisers if paired with another. It was decided after some discussion to continue with the current system of one person clearly carrying the responsibility exclusively to manage each date alone, noting that they can ask for assistance from any member when needed.




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