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+ A.G.M.

Monday 20th September 2010 organised by Bob Whiston

Active Black Country 41 Club AGM


1. Welcome Andrew Evans (Meeting began 10:29:03pm)
2. Vice Chairman’s Report Bob Whiston
3. Secretary’s Report Andy Worrall
4. Treasurers report Paul Jay
5. International Report Neil Bates
6. Membership Report Andy Hood - Now 35 Members!
7. Honorary Webmasters’s Report Jon Lees (Site has been running since March 2009.  As of today it has received 1703 visits which is over 1100 in this last 12 months. I wish to on behalf of the club thank Bob very much for generously sponsoring and hosting the site.)
8. Chairman’s Report Andrew Evans (Speech began 10:34:01pm and finished 10:37:26pm - a new club record of 3minutes and 25seconds, beating last years record set by Andy Hood of 7minutes and 20seconds)

Hello All
I would like to thank all members for their support over the last year. I feel we had a good twelve months all the meeting were totally different a big thank you to the organisers.
The year has flown by and I have been very proud to hold the position of Chairman.
May I also thank my officers Bob Andy H Neil Sean (who will be sadly missed) Jon "Mr Website" and a big thank you to Andy W who has done a great job in a position which is never appreciated but crucial to keep the Club together.
I know Paul Jay (new Treasurer) will be contacting you for your subs in the near future.
Finally may I wish Bob and his Officers a fantastic year ahead and hope the Club continues to provide interesting meetings which will be well supported.
Once again a big thank you to you all, we have a wonderful Club without you and your support we would not exist.


Past Chairman

9. Installation of new Chairman by Andrew Evans
10. Election and Installation of Officers: New Chairman - Bob Whiston (speech began 10:37:26pm and finished 10:38:45pm - another club record at 1minute and 19seconds, smashing Andrew Evans record set last year of 13minutes and 5seconds)
11. AOB

Elected unanimously were:

Vice Chairman - Tim Prior
Secretary - Andy Worral
Membership - Andrew Evans
Webmaster - Jon Lees
Treasurer - Paul Jay
International Officer - Neil Bates

Photographer - Mike Lang

Minutes Of Previous AGM held on 21st September 2009

The Meeting was convened on the 21st of September 2009 at the Story Telling Evening organised by Tim prior.
The previous year’s officers gave full and candid reports of their activities during the year and Outgoing Chairman Andy Hood thanked all his officers for their support before handing over to new Chair Andrew Evans.
The Following Officers were nominated and elected en Block.
Andrew Evans (Chairman), Bob Whiston (VC)), Sean Smith (Treasurer), Andy Worrall (Secretary), International (Neil Bates), Andy Hood (Membership), Jon Lees (Webmaster).
Sean Smith and Geoff Gray handed out Flyers for a Ladies Evening planned for March 2010 , and the meeting was closed with the Members adjourning to the Bar.
Andy Worrall Secretary Andrew Evans Chairman




ABC 41 Club had a ball at our 2010 AGM ABC 41 Club had a ball at our 2010 AGM ABC 41 Club had a ball at our 2010 AGM





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